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Over the years, we’ve covered quite an array of subjects in LIFEsigns Magazine. Some topics would result in nearly a dozen articles being submitted, and many would eke out just a few. When the replies were few, both Todd and I would question if the themes were unrelatable, too vague, or maybe too difficult to put words to. Then, we settled on Laughter as the subject of this quarter’s theme, believing that humor and laughter are universal common grounds that we could all share about. Yet, I had to consider these possibilities once the deadline for the articles had passed: like me, are people prone to being skeptical of their own capacity to make others laugh, or do they hold their preferences of humor close to them so as to not be considered weird or strange for finding things funny that others may not? (I think I may be on to something there…)


One of the most humorous practices you can exercise is finding out what genuinely makes those around you laugh. Consider just one comical video shared on social media and passed around group texts and messaging apps… Not everyone will find it funny on the same level as another. From an eye roll, scoff, smirk, smile, soft chuckle, to an open-mouthed laugh—humor elicits varying responses from one individual to the next. There is so much content out there to choose from that you will never run out of material to choose from.


Just like our beautifully diverse individuality in how we’ve been created is unique, each person’s humor palate is unique as well. But, here’s the gist of it all: we were all created with the capacity to find joy and humor in life, in some form or another. If we weren’t, why do babies at 4 months old begin to organically find things funny and use their faces, mouths, and voices to express that through laughter? No one told or taught them that response. It’s in our nature to laugh.


A good friend of mine for many years and I do not share the same sense of humor, but that would not stop me from laughing at her gut-busting, raucous laughter at the things she found funny. It has always been more entertaining to hear her laugh than it is to watch or read whatever it is that tickles her so much. Her laughter takes over her entire body, radiating from head to toe, as if someone supercharges her with life in that moment.


I know you’ll hear it from each single contributor in this issue: you need to laugh more. If you don’t know how to or what makes you laugh, today is a great day to find out. And I hope you do.



LIFEsigns Magazine Editor

Kat Dufrene

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