I was 52 years old when I realized I had more yesterdays than tomorrows. That could have been a depressing realization, but my regrets of yesterday are very few. If you have a past that haunts you, memories of sorrow and pain, or your yesterdays are full of regret, then I could see why that thought would be scary. A life lived well is to be celebrated, not shunned and tossed aside. 


We all have a past. The question we need to ask is this: Will we let our past define us and keep us from the future we know God has for us? As a lover and follower of Jesus Christ, the answer to that question is an emphatic NO! Our past is just that--our past. We can’t do anything to fix it or change it. It is sealed in time and space. Whether you have regrets or your past is full of happiness and joy, it is what it is.


How can we move forward knowing what we know about our yesterdays? Well, that depends on what lenses you are viewing the past, present, and future through. If it is the lenses of your own happiness, then you are going to have a lot of sad and lonely nights. We were not created to live for our own happiness and fulfillment. We find true joy and fulfillment in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and serving others, and in real relationships with family and friends. If you want to be able to look back at your past in the future with excitement and joy, then choose wisely now. The past, present, and future are a trifecta of harmony and grace. One affects the others. Your past will affect your present, and the decisions you make in the present will affect your future. Our decisions WILL affect us, good or bad.


If you want to get past your past and move forward, then start today by first and foremost giving your life over to God. Second, ask Him for wisdom and knowledge to make decisions that will guarantee success for your future. And thirdly, build godly relationships with others.  


This issues of LifeSigns is chock-full of stories of how God has helped people get past their past and move forward with hope and excitement. There are stories of lost and desperate people who were able to rise above the muck and mire of yesterday, set their feet on solid ground, and make a life that not only brought them joy and peace but a life that honors God and affects others.


Take time to read the stories and let God speak to you.

Todd Goodwin




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