Lonnie O’Quin is a man who has sown into countless people’s lives, and he will never know on this side of Heaven how many people he has influenced.  He was in active ministry for over 50 years when he retired- not from ministering to people, but basically he stopped getting paid to do ministry.  However, his heart has always been to disciple and love people, and even in his twilight years of retirement he is still sowing the love of God and wisdom of God into other people’s lives, whether he and his wife, Mary, are in their hometown of Poplarville or at their home away from home in Branson, MO.

Brother Lonnie as he is known by most people was my first pastor that truly sowed into my life, and I have been reaping the benefits for 45 years.  I had the opportunity to catch up with him in Missouri and briefly FaceTimed him and asked him a few questions about sowing and reaping.

Todd Goodwin: Brother Lonnie, over the years you have poured your life into so many people.  How intentional were you about discipling and giving your life away?


Lonnie O’Quin: Well, Brother Todd, I would say it wasn’t something I really thought about.  I simply saw an anointing on somebody, and I just started loving on them and helping them release that anointing. I had one purpose and that was to love and serve people.


Todd: Well, how natural was it to disciple or sow into someone?


Lonnie: I just did what I did every day, working with people and listening to what God would speak to me, and then I would give that away.  I believed in those early years of ministry, let’s say, if we needed a youth pastor, we would look for someone to hire outside of the church.  But you know those people didn’t have the vision of the house.  When I realized that, I began to see the importance of pouring into people that had the vision of the house; and, as you know, you were one of those people.


Todd: Yes, I do.  Over the years, who has sown into you?


Lonnie: I have an association of Pastors that I have been with for years.  They used to be called Gulf State Pastors, but now I think they are called National Related Pastors.  I have known many of these guys for years.  Rod Aguillard is a great friend as well.


Todd: Yeah, I remember them.  So, you need people to pour into you too, huh? Another question: have you ever been disappointed in anyone that you were sowing into who didn’t live up to the potential you saw in them?


Lonnie: Well, Brother Todd, I just loved people; and they may have disappointed me.  But, ultimately, they are God’s and I place them in God’s hands.  Honestly, that’s a hard question to answer.


Todd: It’s good that it is so hard to answer.  That means you can’t really think of anyone who hasn’t walked away from God.


Lonnie: Well, you know I am sure that there have been some, but I can’t really think of any.


Todd: I guess, just like you did with me: you saw the best in people.


Lonnie: You know, Todd, you can’t give up on people.  God is at work in them.  You just love them and serve them.

That last statement pretty much summed up the life of Lonnie O’Quin.  He loved people and he served them.  I was one of those people he loved and served.  Even as a punk, arrogant, over-confident, teenager, and ultimately his first youth pastor, he loved and served me too.


Lonnie O’Quin has been an amazing man of God and an example of what a true son, husband, father, and Pastor is.  His legacy will go much further than any of us can ever imagine.  That’s the thing about sowing life, hope, and love into other people’s lives. It doesn’t just stop with them.  It increases exponentially.  The more you sow, the more you reap.  The seed divides and multiplies over and over again and again.  We truly do serve the God of eternity.  That is why Ecclesiastes says God has put, “eternity” in our hearts.


My questions to you today: who are you giving your life away to?  Will you live a life that will have an exponential legacy?