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Grasshoppers &


by Jayne Kotter

In January 2020, 

I was praying about the Gap Home (at the time an unfulfilled vision of transitional housing for people coming out of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs), and I felt the Lord impressing on me to be prepared for things to happen in October 2020 and January 2021.


On February 3, 2020, my husband, Jim, had unexpected triple bypass open-heart surgery (he’s back to over-working, but doing good).


Then, COVID-19 happened.


Then, my daughter had difficulties in pregnancy (mom and son are great now), and there were other problems, not as troublesome, that exacerbated the complications of being ready to open the doors of the Gap Home. 


Apparently, I had missed the Lord. I was like a little grasshopper in the middle of giant problems. But, I kept praying and kept doing all I knew to move forward. I’d rather be trying to do the right thing instead of resting on my laurels or in a corner worrying.

...we might see that those big and seemingly insurmountable problems were actually God’s way of moving us forward through His miracle-working power...

In August, at the Resurrection Life Church’s annual Worship and Prophetic Conference, I received a prophecy that was so spot-on that I was instantly refreshed in my soul. It was confirmation from God on all the things I thought I’d missed. I listened to the Word of the Lord, indicating I needed to keep working to get the Gap Home running and to be “a rescuer of women,” and I heeded the advice, “With thanksgiving, make my requests known to God, and let the peace that passes our understanding guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” 


About two to three weeks after the conference, a woman phoned into Teen Challenge of Mississippi, where I had been working for six years, to ask if TC of MS would like to rent their church’s parsonage for a year or two. As it turned out, TC of MS did not need it, so I asked if her offer was available to the Gap Home, a ministry to help people get on their feet after rehab. We made an appointment to see the house and it was perfect as a starter house for the Gap Home. They reduced the monthly rent because we were beginning a ministry to help others. The lease was written up to begin October 1st! So many different people and life groups came together with a level of love and unity that was amazing to see! They ‘adopted’ rooms to decorate and fill, and by October 1st the house was ready.


This journey has been one miracle after another. It’s also been moments of defeat and weariness and hard work, but we had to keep leaving that old stuff behind and keep moving forward even when it sometimes looked like nothing would happen. The Lord has done many other miracles, more than I can describe here, to get the Gap Home opened, but also to get those who need it through our doors. Just moments before writing this, a student who is currently in the Gap Home said that God worked miracles to get her here and how much she needed what she’s learning right now. Another student said that the Gap Home was the godly place she needed and available right when she needed it to help her walk away from the old things. 


We serve a life-giving, miracle-working, promise-keeping Savior! He uses every little problem for His glory and at times those little things seem so very big in our own eyes. Later, we might see that those big and seemingly insurmountable problems were actually God’s way of moving us forward through His miracle-working power and closer to His own heart. He uses it all, even little grasshoppers. 

Jayne Kotter is the founder and director of the gap home

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