by Renee Sampson

How has God given you joy?

In every storm the wind rages. In every beginning there is an end. In every victory there is a loss. In every circumstance there is God, for even in the fire He stands with us. In every storm He calms the wind and rain. For when we have come to the end and we cannot see any escape He parts the seas for us to complete our journey. Holding us. Preparing our way when there is no way. Allowing us to go boldly, because we belong.


Acknowledging God in everything. 


Waking up each day with purpose. 


Recognizing who we are and to whom we belong. 


Knowing that everywhere I step God has already gone before me and has paved the way. 


Being strong and courageous because He has not given us a spirit of doubt and uncertainty.


“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) For God Knows the weight of what we carry, what is to come. He knows our every need. We stand tallest and strongest on our knees in prayer. 


When you get into God’s Word and God’s Word gets into you, you create an overflow to give away because you cannot contain it. It’s living out the scripture, “My cup runneth over!” (taken from Psalm 23:5) When you have overflow, you have no other option but to give away, to not waste what was given. The blessing, the anointing. To take what you have, the overflow, and extend it to others. To plant a seed. To live with purpose. To wake up every day, eyes wide open, focused on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Recognizing Him in everything. Acknowledging Him. He has done a great work in you. When you recognize that… When you see it for yourself… When you become aware—EYES WIDE OPEN—a weight like no other will be lifted. Taken from you. Cast aside and left behind.


When you see yourself as God sees you—gifted, talented, anointed, with a plan and a purpose—you cannot help but wake up every day full of joy. Full of excitement. Full of gratitude. Full of thankfulness. Being a light to others. To be the gift so treasured by the Father. To walk out life with boldness. To be brave and confident. To have joy like no other. Not because of what you have done, but because of what God has done in you.


Life is so very difficult on its own, but with God all things are possible. We should wake each day with eyes wide open and focused on God, for He should be what fills our cup each day. He should be the overflow that prepares us. God is and will forever be the need (Fill in the blank) at the very moment required. His timing is perfect. He heals. He restores. He loves. He gives what was taken. He provides all our needs. There is nothing He cannot do. He is the Life we long to have, the Way, and the Truth. He is the joy that comes in the morning. With every sunrise, with every sunset, He restores. He fills our cup beyond its fullness for us to give what we have, to produce joy in abundance. There is no end to what God can do. There is no timeline that cannot be extended. God is and will forever be the answer to all our needs. He gives endlessly.


He is what makes all things better. The comfort of a warm fire on a cold night. The hug from a friend who understands your pain. The peace that is given through words of encouragement. The strength that is shown because one once stood where you now stand. The anointing of God that reigns forever.


Just set your eyes upon Him! Eyes wide open. “DON’T BLINK!” We are the ones who God will use. We are a gift that is given. We are great, mighty, and wonderfully made. We can’t be replaced. We are His masterpieces. Through us, God brings and creates the change to make the difference. It is we who must live life on purpose, boldly going and doing what others fail to do—to be the light, full of joy when we feel we have none, relying on God to restore what was taken from us.


With every rising sun, joy comes in the morning. We must pursue God in order to obtain joy. The pursuit of joy is as empty as our cup if it is not first obtained through God. Oh, the abundance it will bring when the joy of the Lord is obtained, the overflow that we will have to give away. What God will do through you. “God first!”


See yourself as God sees you. Do not focus on the flaws, the short comings, the ‘would have’s or ‘should have done’s. These are all distractions to keep our eyes off God. EYES WIDE OPEN. Focus on God! Focus on God and what He says that you are. God does not see you as you are. However, He sees you as what you will become.


God and only God—He is the answer. It is our duty to live focused, driven in the Pursuit of God. Once we establish that, we will have found all that we have lost.


Joy comes in the morning because we know who holds us each day. We know what He has done for us. We have received His blessings, His talents, His giftings. We have decided to focus on Him, to not blink but, instead, live with our eyes wide open, to have great faith in God, and to know that He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). We are favored. God’s blood runs through our veins. We have purpose.


When our eyes are focused on God and we do not blink, we stay steadfast and steady in the pursuit of God and His amazing grace. We find strength and refuge in Him. What He says that we are, we know as truth. We live life waking up every day focused on the expectations of what God says we are. We have the overflow of joy, the ability to give what we have, to face each day with thanksgiving and love in our heart. We live life honoring and pursuing God. When we recognize Him in all circumstances, we become filled with the fruits of the Spirit. We become a gift, a treasure, and a blessing to others. The peace and joy that only God can give consumes us. We give away the overflow for we have it in abundance. We are God’s children, destined for greatness, chosen, anointed with favor and purpose.


So, wake up every day in the pursuit of the joy that only God can bring. You are gifted and talented, chosen by God. Your cup runs over.


It is with purpose and a plan that we have an abundance to give away what we have, and it creates a domino effect to spread joy and peace, comfort and compassion. Even in a storm the wind will rage. Even in a storm the rain will come. But we stand tallest and strongest on our knees in prayer. There is power in the surrendering to God.


Just as the sun rises, so will we. We will rise above our circumstances. Stronger, mighty, and focused. Eyes wide open. Joy comes in the morning (taken from Psalm 30:5). Joy comes in the pursuit of God, not happiness. 


Scripture tells us in Philemon 1:6 (paraphrased), “The sharing of our faith is made effective when we acknowledge everything good that is in us in Christ Jesus.”