My name is Sheena Ivy, better known as “Lucy”. One of my fondest memories of God providing for my family takes me back a few years after moving to Picayune, MS. The first year was the worst for me. I found everything to complain about, always wanting and looking for ways to go back to Louisiana. The second year, to my surprise, changed. For one, my husband, Eddie Ivy, came home from prison, and like we had talked about, together we began our spiritual journeys. Things were so much better and not because Eddie was home, but because of the relationship we were building together and individually with our Heavenly Father. We were excited and ready to move and do whatever the Spirit led us to do. We felt untouchable.


While in a stage where we felt we were diligent and faithful, our Suburban (our family car) broke down. We tried getting it fixed, but no one knew what was wrong with it. Then we borrowed a car from a family member—that had nothing wrong with it prior to us getting it—and it broke down as well. At this point we began to question our faith. Were we not praying, fasting, worshipping, or reading the Word enough? We had no clue why this was happening to us. I remember watching Eddie walk around as if we didn’t just lose all resources to transport from one place to another in a town where we have no family. He told me to chill and that everything would be OK. It made me so angry at how calm he was. I was close to 8 months pregnant with Zion, and Eddie’s using words that were making me even more angry with him. I'm like, “Boy, we have got to find a ride, quick!”


I remember him calling Jacob Hickman the Saturday after losing the second vehicle to see if the church ran the bus on Sunday mornings. Jacob said “no” but that he'd come get us that Sunday. That Sunday, guess what Pastor Allen preached. “It’s not that we have to do anything wrong for something bad to happen to us. It’s all about what we do when things do go wrong. That's what determines the speed and how quick or slow we come out of the situation.”


So, Eddie and I decided that we would continue what we’d been doing. We even began having church in our living room on Wednesdays and Sundays. That following week and until it was time for my FMLA, our neighbor voluntarily took me back and forth to work. Eddie carpooled. We didn’t have to track anyone down to bring us to make groceries, nor to do any of the things that we needed for our household. God had people calling us to see if we needed to go anywhere. Not one time did I miss any of my doctor’s appointments (which were in Slidell, by the way) all because of our Heavenly Father placed on Carmen Hart’s heart to get me there.


A couple weeks after giving birth to Zion, I was due to return to work. But before returning, I had a daydream that it was important that we congregate before I returned. For those who know me, I was like, “Yeah, I know that’s right. I need the extra strength before returning to work around those hooligans!” WRONG! God had something else in mind that would explain everything we were going through.


Eddie and the boys stayed home with Zion and the girls, and I went to church that Sunday before I returned to work. The first two people I saw were Stephen and Dustie Adams. They looked is if they'd seen a ghost. They were excited and told me they'd been looking for us and that they were having dreams about us; and at night, after praying together about something, all they could see was my family. I was scared at first, y’all. Then Dustie asks, “DO YOU ALL HAVE A VEHICLE?” For me, it was like a ‘okay, where’s the [hidden] cameras?’ moment. I asked them how much they were selling it for, and Stephen said, “Nothing! It’s an act of obedience.” He shared that he had been praying for help in giving more exactly during the time both cars we used broke down. The answer to our question. They knew nothing of our situation, and we knew nothing of their prayers.


Through it all, from the time both cars broke down until that moment, HE was providing us with a better vehicle that fit us all at the time, and while preparing us for better HE provided us with everything we needed as if we were never without. What could have been considered as a major storm had not once felt like a struggle at all. HE also provided us with a family in a town where we felt alone and without family. In closing, He is a way maker, promise keeper, and the light in the darkness. He is “The Provider”. And big thanks to our RLM family and to everyone else who God worked through so that we were provided for.


Always with love,

Sheena Ivy and Family