Early in our marriage, Amy and I believed we heard the Lord tell us we were going to have a lot of children. Those 2 words “a lot” were the operative phrase there. I can safely safe now that we heard the Lord.


One of the things I wanted to teach all my boys was how to play golf. I figured that it was something that we could all do together the rest of our lives. With that in my heart, we went to the golf course often.


As you know, having children is expensive. We had nine boys at one point, and I was feeling the pressure of providing for my family. I remember one particular day we were at the golf course, and we were hitting practice balls. I didn’t have enough sets of clubs for the boys. One of the boys is left-handed, too, and he was having to use a right-handed set of clubs. I remember looking at that and getting angry at God. “How am I going to provide college and cars, etc. when I can’t even provide them golf clubs?” I walked away that day defeated and worried.

The next day, I was playing golf with some friends. Our golf course winds through a neighborhood, many of the homes very close. As we were playing, a man came out of his house and started calling my name. I didn’t know who he was. He introduced himself and said that he made golf clubs, and he said that he had me on his mind that morning. He wondered if he could make a set of clubs for one of my boys. I was shocked and surprised. I told him about my son who was left-handed and needed his own set of clubs. He started laughing! “I made a set of lefties yesterday,” he said, which was the day I had complained to God.


Well, my friends and I finished our round, and as I was getting my clubs off the golf cart the Club Manager came running up to me. He said he was cleaning out a storage room and found two sets of kid’s clubs, and his first thought was of me and my boys. He asked if I would like to have them.


That evening, the boys and I went to hit balls on the golf course. I stood back and looked at every one of my boys with their own set of golf clubs. I began to cry and asked God to forgive me. I believe I heard the Lord laughing gently and saying to me, “I’ve got you.”


God proved Himself to be faithful that day and now, many years later, I can say with great joy that He is still faithful.