JOY in


by Stephanie O'Meara

Life has seasons that come and go. Sometimes these seasons seem mundane, exhausting, and redundant. When the season feels like that, then maybe you are looking at your season all wrong.

When we can recognize the season that we are in, that life is happening for us and not to us, our perspective will change and true growth can begin.  

I have been in a season for 5 years… which I understand in retrospect doesn’t seem very long. But, man, has it been a draining season, a season of finding myself or, I guess for better words, finding the “joy” of certain seasons in my life. My first thought in thinking about “seasons” was what if I am in a season I’m not supposed to be in? How can God bless that (Ex: Having my first child out of wedlock at 20)? But, God turns those ashes into beauty, all the sowing into a harvest season full of abundance.  

Learning to recognize when it was a growing season wasn’t easy for me. I would be so miserable. You know the saying, “Pray for patience and you will be tested,” right? Well, it seems I wanted to reap my harvest when I hadn’t really sown in all the important things. I guess somewhere along the line God gave me a spirit of discernment over a season of growing; I stopped in the midst of one of the many issues I had going on and I said to myself, “I have a choice in this moment to choose peace or to choose to fight.” Now there is a season to fight, don’t get me wrong (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11). But sometimes your season is learning about yourself. No matter how much you think you’re in control, there will come a season where you will learn that you’re not and finally accept it.

So in this specific moment of blissfulness, here I was with an opportunity, an earthly test I was given complete free will to respond to: Flesh or Spirit. I finally chose Spirit. With a calm and humble peace that can only be given by God, I was able to:

  1. Recognize this test (discernment)

  2. Prevent my peace from being taken by Satan

  3. Lead by example to those who were around


Peace beyond understanding, God says. If you’re still trying to understand then you don’t have peace. Accepting His peace is a season in itself. For me, when I accepted peace, it was because I finally had faith to believe God would get me through it no matter the outcome. I came from a season of praying for a specific outcome while putting limitations or expectations on God. Now I understand “Thy will be done.”


So, seasons come and go. That’s the beauty in them. If you miss your chance, it will be back soon. Maybe your next season is to learn how to have guilt-free rest or maybe self-acceptance. Right now, that’s where I am. I’ve heard others say that working on anything is easy, except yourself.

Joy in Season quote.png

Accepting that Jesus died for the version of me that didn’t love herself wasn’t easy, but He said His love is sufficient and covers a multitude of sins! How could I deny Jesus or His merciful gift? Accepting that I cannot earn or deserve His love in a world that tries to base our self-worth on pointless titles and gross incomes is freedom itself. I have nothing to prove to God, but I choose to prove how much Jesus’ sacrifice means to me by loving others, by sharing my seasons.


Because this life on earth is just a season to make or break us into the people God needs for His kingdom. Seasons produce fruit. If we don’t focus on the pain of what we must sow and look forward to what our season produces and who we can share our harvest with, then our perspective changes. Seasons come and go, lessons stay, and the mistakes leave. Recognize the lesson. Recognize the growth and be humble in it.