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“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence [is] fullness of joy; At Your right hand [are] pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11 NKJV)

One of the greatest gifts given to Christians is access to our Father. Through the blood of Jesus, we can come boldly into the throne room. Wow! What a gift! Sadly, we don’t take advantage of this incredible gift. We as Christians should be marked by the presence of God. Being in His presence is what changes us. Being in His presence is what gives us joy. Being in His presence is where we get revelation and instruction. Being in His presence alters who we are. The more we are in His presence, the more we think and act like Him.


Now, having said all that, how is your quiet time? I’m not talking about time with your phone or time reading a devotional. I am talking about your time of personal worship, study of the Word, and talking to the Father (prayer). It is in that time that our relationship grows. It is in that time that I learn to hear His voice. It is in that time that I know His love for me.


All my life, I was told to have a quiet time, but nobody ever told me.


After many years, the Lord gave me a plan, a template of a dynamic, successful quiet time. I have printed it below. Not every time will be that ‘Big Bang’, but every time changes me a little more. God is your Father and He wants to spend time with you.



Spending Time With The Lord



• Place and time

• A Bible, Amplified Bible, and a dictionary

• A journal

• Music (to drown out life/noise)

• First: Read the Bible out loud. Read a Psalm a day.


STEP 1: Thanksgiving

• Let your heart focus on the things He has done.

• Let a spirit of thanksgiving come over you.

• Write some or part of your thanksgiving.

• Do not ask for anything.


(Thanksgiving is such a powerful posture to take. Sing, dance, and lift your hands.)


STEP 2: Praise

• Declare who He is.

• Declare what He wants to do.

• Declare His greatness.

• Write down all or part of your praise.

• Do not ask for anything.


(Say it out loud. You and the Devil need to hear it. Sing, dance, and raise your hands.)


STEP 3: Study the Word

• Take the scripture the pastor preaches (one scripture a day).

• Read the scripture in context.

• Study cross-references.

• Read the writing in the Amplified translation (use your dictionary).

• Write the scripture in your own words.

• Do not ask for anything.


(Let it apply to you.)


STEP 4: Pray

• Pray through your list. Pray for different things each day.

• Pray for others.

• Pray for yourself.

• Just talk to Him.


STEP 5: Listen

• Ask Him if there is anything that He wants to say.

• Is there anything You want me to know?


Why would God not talk to His kids?

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