How many times have you thought: If I can just have control in this situation, everything will be okay? If my kids are always with me, they will be safe. If I figure out a budget and stick to it, I’ll never have to worry about money. If I eat right and exercise, I’ll always be healthy. If I choose the right job, I will always be provided for. And the list goes on.

Then comes reality. What do I really have control over? Absolutely nothing! However, the God of the universe, my Creator has complete control. The day the Lord spoke that to my spirit was the day my deliverance from fear and the journey of trusting my Heavenly Father began. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t arrived. That’s why I said “journey.” On this journey, however, life has given me plenty of opportunities to test this, and the Lord has proven Himself faithful time and time again.

When Dwight and I were married 27 years ago, we were over $26,000 in debt. We decided that no matter how bad things got financially, we would always tithe first. We had a few plans for our lives: to be debt free, to have 2 or 3 kids that I would stay home with, and to teach those kids about the goodness and faithfulness of God. Life has put many obstacles in our way over the years, but the Lord has been faithful through them all.

Because of infertility issues, we were unable to have biological children. After 7 years of marriage, we adopted our son, Luke. God brought us the one child He knew we needed and who needed us. Everyone is floored to find out he is adopted because he looks and acts just like Dwight. Luke has been the biggest blessing in our lives. He wasn’t what we planned for, but God knew better than we did.

During our 27 years together, we have faced three job lay-offs. The first was mine just a month after we were married. I absolutely hated my job. I was so miserable there that I was having stomach issues, but because of our financial issues I never felt like I could quit. I was unemployed for just over a month when I received a job offer to be secretary at the church we were a part of in Slidell. This was a wonderful fit for me and was where I learned to do bookkeeping. The second was in 2015 when Dwight was laid off. He was unemployed for four months and then was hired back by the same company, doing the same job and making more money! When does that ever happen? The last was in March of 2020 when his company laid off over 150 people on a conference call. The owner of the company owned a company in China. He had seen what COVID had done there and decided

to let people go before things got bad here in the U.S. This time it took 6 months for Dwight to find a job that only paid a little over minimum wage and had no benefits. We will forever be grateful to that business owner. They knew this would only be temporary for him until he found something with better pay and benefits, yet they hired him anyway. It took another year for Dwight to find that job.

Through every one of those layoffs, we tithed. We never missed a meal, were never unable to pay a bill, and God even provided extras, like the money to buy Luke Christmas presents, through the generosity of others. God was faithful every time!

The last plan I referred to was to teach our kids about the goodness and faithfulness of God. Luke has seen time and time again how God provides, how He sustains, and how He is good—not just financially but in so many other ways. He proved Himself in Luke’s adoption, as well as during when Dwight and I each had major health challenges that the Lord brought us through. There are so many other examples I could give you of how the Lord has come through for us, how He has guided and provided for us, but this article would be way too long.

God has always been more than enough. He has proven that no matter what we are facing we can trust Him.