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It was early 2020, and our nation was in the throes of lockdown. There was a shaking going on in every area that could be reached: careers, finances, relationships, security, beliefs, and the list goes on. The climate of the world was pushing for lines to be drawn and for hearts to be divided. A rabid determination to isolate people from each other.


I’d been spending more time in prayer than normal, which was a refuge for me. (I’ve written before on “running to Jesus” and how I know there is nowhere else for me to go but to Him.) My heart had been consistently heavy for a while as I struggled with volatile relationships, searching for the truth amidst the barrage of information, listening for direction from Holy Spirit, and digging my heels in to the ground of my faith as fear tried to drag me away. I had been texting with Krista Hickman one day when I felt the need to curl up in my usual space and talk to the Lord. My emotions were overwhelming, and I needed His voice and heart to help me control them and to lay them down at His feet once more.

As I stayed there, quiet and waiting for Him to speak, He began to sing over me. The words began to purge my soul, emptying itself and allowing room for His Spirit and His song to minister to me. We talked about it for a while, then I got up from my praying spot and sat down at my piano to play along to what I’d heard. Eventually I recorded a simple, amateur song for it. I would like to share the lyrics and song with you in hopes that if you find yourself in that place where the world around you is shaking, and you want that reminder from the Lord of how much He loves you, it will minister to you as well. It has been a song I’ve sung over myself—and a few others when prompted—many times since that day, especially after my father passed away in 2021.

O My child, why are you sad

Don’t you know that your future is even better than the past you’ve had

Lean your head on My shoulder, rest your weary mind

You have all My attention, and you have all of My time


Before you were, I held you in my hand

I knew your life before it even began

Your every smile, your every tear, I saw


O My child, why’s your heart so hurt

Raise your eyes to Mine and hang on My every word

I’ll never desert you, I’ve never left your side

Though you may feel forgotten, You’re forever on My mind


You can call on Me for anything

I’m closer than you can ever believe

It doesn’t matter what You ask of Me


O My child, why are you so discouraged

Don’t you know whose you are and that I’ve vowed to carry your burdens

There’s nothing I cannot handle, there’s no distance too far

I’ll spend your whole life showing you every inch of My heart


Do you remember the time I first called your name

You answered and everything beautifully changed

You gave Me your life ‘cause I gave you Mine, I know

So I’m reminding you now that the truth’s still the same

You’re Mine evermore, in My heart you’ll remain

Though Hell may try to destroy you, it won’t


O My child, when will you believe My love

I’ll show you every second every day that I’ve got more than enough

All the things that weigh heavy you don’t have to bear

Just lay your sorrows down and I’ll meet you there

Just lay your sorrows down and I’ll bury them there

Just lay your sorrows down… I am here

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