IN my job as a pastor for 36 years, I have dealt with a lot of people and situations. One of the things that bothers me as much as anything is the way people just react to life as it comes to them. They allow their past to dictate their future. No vision or direction. Just live life the best that they can. That is a surefire way of living a life full of regrets and “If I could do it over again” sentiments. Well, we only have one shot, so it is imperative that we do business with the life God gave to us. You must move past the past. Stop letting your past reach forward. 


I have a few thoughts about the past, and they go like this:


1. You can’t change it


Can anyone go back and redo their past? Change the things that were done to them or the things they did? So many people live trapped in the past. No matter how hard you work or how fast you run, you will not change anything that is already in the past. You have to get over it.


2. The blood of Jesus covers ALL of my past. 


His blood is so powerful and so pure that, when I ask for forgiveness, it covers everything—even the worst things I have done and the worst things that were done to me. If any sin can overcome the blood of Jesus, then we’re all done for. Jesus said, “It is finished.” All sin is paid for, including mine, including yours. Ask and receive.


3. I must forgive and release others. 


The above point is the very reason why I must. When I don’t, I hold myself in prison, and I can’t move forward from the past.


4. Know that Jesus has a plan. 


Read Jeremiah 29:11. Read it again. Memorize it. Let the revelation of how God formed you in your mother’s womb with a plan and a future that is right in front of you fill your heart. He has a thought about you. That thought is good. That thought gives you hope. Following His plan will make you go forward. 


Moving forward means following Jesus. That means that you have to let go of your past. When you release your past, you are FREE to move forward. I promise you that you’ll live a life that is full and worth living.




by Allen Hickman


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