The past was a struggle...

Most of the problems I had endured were created on my own from the time I was in my late teen years. I grew up in church, knew about Jesus, and knew He wanted me to live my life according to His will.


However, the older I got and the more I went through, I began to question the existence of God and if He could love someone like me who was broken, ashamed, rejected, dirty, and full of sin. I didn’t surround myself with the best people either. Those around me dragged me down, resulting in me bringing my own self further down. I continuously ran from God.


No matter how far I ran, He was there every moment.


It finally took me going through some tough lessons in my life to surrender to God fully and to follow His calling for me. The point of surrender arrived when my life was at its lowest, lying in a hospital bed and crying out to Him to save me. Right there, at that moment, I had an encounter with God that I will never forget. I poured my heart out to Him and, at that moment, gave my life back to God. After going through that, I was able to move forward by mainly reading my Bible daily, going to counseling at the church, pursuing God, and desiring to have a relationship with Him. I won’t lie; this was hard. I left behind the things that once held me down, but I was so worth it.


I honestly was able to get past the past by learning to let go and let God be in control. After this, I began seeing a positive change in my life. I am grateful for where I am today. I am so thankful for the discipleship, prayers, and long talks I had with Brent and Tiffany Wale. They were the light I needed the past year to get where I am right now.

Another big blessing in my life would be that I got into nursing school, and I will graduate in July 2021 as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I’ll continue with nursing school to eventually receive my degree as a Nurse Practitioner in mental health.


Surrendering my life to the Lord, following His calling for me, was key in being able to move on from my past. I am so grateful for where my life is today, where the Lord has brought me, and where He will continue to get me. Through all of this with the Lord, I was able to overcome adversity, hardship, rejection, and self-hatred and be able to become all the positive things that God does say about me. 


Through all of this, I can assure you that He is not done with me, nor is He done with you. I encourage you to stay close to Him. Pursue Him. Follow the calling He has on your life. In order to do this, you have to step out in faith. He will meet you, never leaving or forsaking you. I can confirm that it won’t be easy. I have learned that the things we want the most in life have to be worked hard for; and when we work hard over time, we will see a positive outcome.


If you are struggling to get past something you feel is keeping you from moving forward, God is there, and He sees and hears you. Don’t give up. There will be a victory in your life.

The point of surrender arrived when my life was at its lowest.

A Story of Surrender

by Curt Loveless

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