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Strongholds (defined as a structure that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack), places of bondage, areas of defeat are all descriptions of a person who has allowed Satan free reign in a certain area of their life and the ability to build a stronghold of thinking that cannot be reasoned with. Many, many people walk around each day with a satanic stronghold that keeps them from experiencing God’s best for them. They have to be set free and also renewed in their minds. The Bible says that Jesus makes all things new. He has the power not only to set us free but to make it seem as if we were never in bondage in the first place. He not only takes away the sin but also the shame of that sin. Now that is what I call making all things new.

It all starts with understanding that all demons and demonic strongholds work under authority. In other words: they can’t be where they don’t have the right to be. We give demons permission to stay around when we hold unforgiveness, have hidden sin, compromise with fear, allow generational curses to remain, and more. When we let Satan stay around, he will build a stronghold from where he will try to steal your whole life.

The first step to destroying strongholds is to understand that Jesus has all authority. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is no other. He rules; He reigns; He has never been defeated. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega and all in between. Every demon knows His name and trembles. That is who Jesus is.














For Him to make all things new in your life, you must yield to Him in every area of your life. Jesus needs to be your Lord of every area. You can’t compartmentalize your life and just give Him sections of it. Yield to Him in every area.


The next step is to agree with Him. Stand on and declare His truth—not what you think, but what He says. It’s truth that sets you free, not your opinion. Know what His Word says, then declare it and stand on it.


The third step is simple yet so hard: OBEY! There is no substitute for obedience. Do what He says; stop doing what He says not to do, and watch Him set you free. His freedom will show you where you were before but that issue no longer carries any power in your life.


I’ve seen that freedom firsthand in people who have had horrible things happen to them and people who have lived in such sin, and Jesus has made all things new for them. They have found their freedom in Him. If He can do it for them, He can do it for you.

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