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Part Two

A fictional view of creation and the maybe conversation between Adam and God. This is the second in a series.

by Josh Lynch

The Book of Speculation




Bright light! Darkness! There was an orange circle surrounded by blue. I look again. Something is in front of the orange circle. A shadow.


“What is it?”


What’s that sound? Also, I seem to be lying on a million soft yet pointy things.


“Not it.”


Another sound? But different.




The shadow began to form a face. “What is she?”


Are they talking about me? Am I she?


“Am I she?” That sound came from me. It was higher, I think. 


“She can talk!” The face exclaimed. “I didn’t know if You’d be able to make another thing that could talk. This is exciting.”


“There are many things you don’t know yet.”


My head swiveled from side to side. That deeper sound seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. 


“I can hear too,” I said. I pushed myself up to a sitting position using a pair of spindly things on either side of my body. 


“You’re right.” The face extended its own spindly things and used them to grab my spindly things and pulled me to a standing position. He started lifting and moving some strings that seemed to wave around me. “If you look under this hair stuff that’s growing out of your head, there’s a couple soft circles that I’m calling ears. Father gave you those so you can hear.”


“Who’s Father?” I asked. “Where’s Father? What’s Father? Also, how can I see things if they’re on the side of my head?”


“Father is with us,” he said. “You heard me talking to Him just now. He made everything you see here.”


“I can’t see Him,” I announced. “Can you see Him? Who are you? Who am I?”


“I am Man,” Man said. “I’m going to call you Woman, because you were taken out of me.” He gestured to the side of his midsection. “Father made both of us and gave us this garden to live in.”


I took a good look at myself, then looked at Man up and down. “I know you’re bigger than me,” I said, “but I don’t think I could have fit inside you.”


“You are to be Man’s companion, and he will be yours,” Father said.


I spun around again searching for the source of the voice.


“You may also call him husband.”


I looked up at the open air, then I dropped down and put my ear to the ground.


“You can’t see Me and you’re not going to find Me down there,” He said, chuckling.


“Why not? And why does he have two names?” I extended a tiny stick at the end of one of my spindly things toward Man/husband. “Do I get two names?”


“Man may call you wife,” Father said. “Husband and wife is your relationship to each other, not your names. I won’t be calling you wife or him husband, and neither will anyone else. That would be weird.”


“Anyone else? Are there others like us?”


“Not yet,” Father said. “You two are the first, but many more will come. I want you to be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”


I leaned toward my husband/Man. “What is Father talking about?” I whispered.


“I’m pretty sure He can still hear us when we talk like this,” Man whispered back.


“Man is right,” Father whispered to both of us.


I snapped myself straight. “Sorry,” I said. “I don’t understand most of the words You just said. What do You mean by multiply?”


“Multiply means that you and Man will make more people like you.”


“And how does that work exactly?” I asked.


“There will be some things that you two will have to figure out on your own,” Father responded.


Man began to fidget. “Father,” he called out, “can I show her the fruit?”


We could both feel Father’s agreement.


“You’re going to love this,” Man told me.


The next few hours were spent testing fruits while Man told me the names of them as well as any animals we saw and various body parts that we used. I found fingers to be the most helpful. Man was very interested in how different we were while being very similar at the same time. 


“Don’t you think it’s weird?” He asked as we sat by the river. Dog, Man’s favorite animal, was running in circles around us, making loud noises at any other animals it saw. “If Father made you from me, shouldn’t you be just like me? But you’re not. You’re shorter and you have a lot more hair. I wonder how different our faces are. I can’t see mine.”


“I can’t see mine either,” I said. “They’re probably the same though. How many differences could we have? One thing I can tell you is that your hair is darker than mine.”


“Really?!” Man was getting excited. “How do you know that?”


“Mine is long enough that I can see it, so I’m the only one of us that can see both of our hair.”


“Hm, that’s true.”


“Have you noticed that the big orange circle is going down behind the trees?” I asked.


“Yeah,” Man responded. “I figure it will probably just bounce back the other way.” He paused, staring at the water. “What’s that?”


“What’s what?”


“That.” He knelt by the river and pointed at the water.


“It’s water. At least, that’s what you told me earlier.”


“No, come closer.” 


I put my knees on the ground as my husband had. It was not a comfortable position. The feeling I got as the dirt pushed back against my legs was definitely the opposite of good. “I don’t understand what we’re doing.”


Man gasped. “It’s you!”


“Yes, it is me. You told me to do this, and I feel like I should tell you that I’m not enjoying it.”


“No, look at the water.” He stammered as he tried to explain. “Now, don’t look into the water. You have to look at the top of the water.”


My shoulders shrugged. I’m not sure why my shoulders decided to do that, but they didn’t discuss it with me. At first, I still couldn’t see anything. However, as I gazed at the top of the water like Man said, I noticed shapes that weren’t actually in the water. “That’s you!” I exclaimed and pointed to the shape on the left.


“Yes, I thought it might be. And that’s you.” He snickered as he pointed to the shape on the right.


“Why are you laughing?” I asked.




“You laughed when you pointed at the me that’s in the water. What’s so funny?”


“We’re so different,” Man laughed louder. “My face has hard edges while yours looks so soft. My nose is much bigger than yours. And why do my eyes have so much more hair over them than yours does?”


I giggled. “I guess that is kind of funny.” I looked down toward the water again. “Why are we in there?”


“I’m not sure,” Man said. He moved his arms around while watching his reflection copy him. He slowly moved his hand toward the water and back several times. Then, he slapped the water. “I call that a five,” he told me.


I felt my face crinkle and my eyes squint. “What?”


“I slapped my hand,” he exclaimed. “I have five fingers and those fingers met the other five fingers. That’s why it’s a five. Hold up your hand and I’ll show you.”


I feebly reached out my right hand. Man smacked it with excessive force. “Ow!” I screamed as I yanked my hand away from him. “Why would you do that?”


Man stared at his own hand which was now tinted red. “I’m not sure,” he said. “It seemed like fun. Although, it kind of hurt.” He began to laugh.


“It hurt a lot and I didn’t like it at all. Please don’t do that again,” I said. Man fell back on to the grass in uncontrollable delight. “I don’t know what you’re laughing at. This isn’t a good thing.”


“I’m sorry,” Man said trying to catch his breath. “You should have seen your face.”


“What’s wrong with my face?” I was beginning to wonder if Father had made a mistake giving me this husband. He wasn’t behaving like a good companion.


Man composed himself. “There’s nothing wrong with your face. I like the way it looks.” This statement made me feel better. Perhaps I would be able to teach this husband to improve his behavior. 


“Come on,” he said as he stood up. “I saved the best for last.” Man held out his hand and I placed mine within it. He gently pulled me through the garden until we reached the center. Two trees stood in a small, open field. They almost seemed to glow in the light from the orange ball.


“Okay,” Man said as he approached one of the trees. “This part is important.” He pointed at the tree with the red fruit. “That is the only fruit that Father said we’re not allowed to eat.”


I gazed at the crimson fruit nestled between amber leaves. “Why not?”


“Because we’ll die,” Man said matter-of-factly.


“What does that mean?”


“I don’t really know, but it sounded bad when Father told me. I’m thinking that I don’t want bad things to happen to me. So, don’t eat it. Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it.” Then, he reached up to the other tree and plucked a green fruit. “This is the best fruit in the whole garden. Try it.”


I nibbled from the emerald fruit. My tongue danced as the juice brushed my taste buds. A larger bite led to a scrumptious feeling in my mouth. No other fruit in the garden could compare to this. “Mm” was the only sound I could make.


“It’s good, right?” Man asked.


“I’m not sure ‘good’ is a good enough word,” I said after swallowing. “Why did you wait so long to show me this?” 


Man laughed. “There’s so much to see. I wasn’t sure what to do first.”


As I continued to eat my fruit, I noticed movement in the branches of the forbidden tree. “What’s that?” I asked, extending a finger into the air.


“What?” Man asked, choosing his own green fruit.


“Something moved in that tree you said not to eat from.”


“I also said not to look at it.” He gazed toward the tree passively. “I don’t see anything. You must have seen a shadow. The orange ball is gone now, and light is fading. It didn’t bounce back like I thought it would.” He looked around. “Father?”


“You are correct, Man.” Father’s voice intoned. “The sun will not be coming back for many hours. Night will be your time to sleep. Your body needs to recharge for the next day.”


“But, I just slept earlier when you made Woman,” Man said.


“You’ll find that naps during the middle of the day will also be beneficial,” Father told us. “You should find a good spot to lie down. You don’t want to be wandering around in the dark. You could step on a tree root or a lion’s tail.”


“Father is right,” I said to Man. “We don’t want to hurt the lions. Can we just lay right here?”


Man agreed and we both sprawled out on the grass. Dog apparently thought this was a good idea because he plopped down between us. His furry tail swung back and forth, hitting me in the face.


“Why do you like this animal so much?” I asked as I moved further away.


“Choosing my favorite was difficult. It was between him and Cat,” Man responded, scratching behind Dog’s ear. “Cat was friendly at first, but as soon as I showed any attention to dog, she ran up a tree and wouldn’t look at me. Then it made this weird coughing sound.” 


He removed his hand from Dog and stared up at the sky. Dog repositioned himself to lick my face. “I wonder what tomorrow will be like?”


I rubbed Dog’s head so he would stop licking me. “What’s a tomorrow?”

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