In September of 2019, I had no idea the changes the Lord had in store for my life. A woman of God walked into where I worked and said, “This is going to sound crazy, but the Lord sent me here.” She told me what the Lord had spoken to her, and I was taken back. We were hiring and I had been asking God to send someone to help. I was so tired and weary of the same vicious cycle of every six months we seemed to be hiring new employees because people just were not working out. Little did I know that this was the least of my problems. We didn’t receive any more applications once I received hers. I guess you could call it divine intervention. Christmas was approaching quickly, and we needed to hire someone for the season.

I finally called her in October to offer her the job and she accepted. She told me the Lord told her to wait, that I would be calling soon. This was an answered prayer for me because I thought to myself ‘surely she’d probably got a job somewhere else by now... Jennifer, you waited too long.’


I didn’t think that God heard my prayer because I had been backsliding for quite a few years. I wasn't going to church, wasn't reading my Bible, wasn't praying or worshipping. I never knew that anybody could hear the Lord’s voice. I have heard people say, “The Lord spoke to me…” Of course, I am like... Huh?!


I began to listen to the woman we hired prophesy to people about things in their lives with accuracy. I watched her walk in obedience even when she was uncomfortable with God’s command and witnessed her hear the Lord speak to her consistently. I didn't understand it, but one thing I did know with certainty was that I wanted this special thing like she had with God; however, I was not doing anything different spiritually.

December 28, 2019 was the turning point for me. That was the day she told me that I could have what she has with God too. I just needed to seek and ask the Lord, and to listen more than I speak. Those were tough words to hear, but she was right as rain. She shared her testimony with me, and that day I decided I was going to pursue the Lord diligently. I began with downloading the Bible app she told me about and chose the devotional topic of “purpose” only because that was what I was seeking from God: purpose for my life. My first devotional was about a woman just like me. The woman was saved 23 years before she did anything for God. I couldn't help but do the math! I realized that I was saved all of 11 years—the halfway mark of her 23 years—and still have not done anything for God. I stopped right then and said this simple prayer: Lord Jesus, please change me; help me to hear You, see You, and seek You like never before. It wasn't long after that I heard God’s voice clearly for the very first time. I went to work with excitement and shared the experience that I had that morning on my way into work. I was given a smile by this woman of God, and these words of encouragement came from her lips, “Just wait. It only gets better from here.”


Well, let me tell you that it did get better and keeps on getting better! The Lord began to grow me and stretch me exponentially. It was like somebody hit the fast forward button on my spiritual growth. God sent her to teach me, chastise me, correct me, and change my way of thinking, praying, and living. I am so grateful and thankful that the Lord answered my prayers, not how I saw fit but what He knew I needed to grow spiritually. Every day, things get better than I could have ever imagined. God sent her to help my sin-sick spiritual condition. I was negative, a complainer, and very pessimistic, always looking at the glass half empty.


I prefer not to disclose this woman of God’s name, but she knows who she is. To her I say this: I thank God for you. He used you to change my life and call me into a relationship with the one true God. I am looking forward to God using me to do the same to help someone else.