On the night of Saturday, September 5th, I dreamed that I was walking through Mail Fast Forward where I work, eating my favorite donut: chocolate glazed. It was laid open in my hand and so sticky, but I didn’t care. It was delicious. If I could’ve seen my own face, the evidence of that donut would’ve been all over it.


Back to reality... because with Celiac disease, I could only eat gluten in my dreams. I arrived at work the next day to find that as a kind gesture someone had brought in 3 donuts for the employees. In the box was a chocolate glazed. That had to have been for me. I didn’t touch it, though. Staying clear of those donuts was the best choice for me.


The second day, there were 6 donuts.


The third day, there were 12 donuts—each day the number of them doubling—and there was always at least one chocolate glazed staring me down from the box. I paused to consider the dream I’d had and that maybe God was trying to tell me to step into the Jordan River (Joshua chapters 3-4). I had received a prophetic word at our annual conference this year that had to do with that very act of faith: the Father said yes to what I had asked Him for, that I needed to “step into the Jordan,” and that it would be miracle after miracle after miracle. The walls of Jericho would fall.

That dream… My hands hadn’t held a donut in 10 years, much less me actually ingesting one.


I had already shared with my co-worker about everything, and she suggested that I just maybe try a bite. But, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “If you try a bite or the whole thing, the result will be the same.” The result being that I would either suffer for more than a week, or I would be perfectly fine.


So, I kept talking to the Lord about it, saying, “God, if You want me to do this, if this is my Jordan River miracle, I will trust You just as I trust You when it’s communion time.” I then went quietly to the back of our office, picked the best looking chocolate donut from inside that gluten-filled box, prayed over it, and ate the whole thing. I licked my fingers clean on my way to wash them before returning to work… and then I waited.


20 minutes is all it takes to know if I’ve had contact with gluten. I’ll experience hives, severe and several-days-long migraines, excruciating stomach pains that liken to swallowing a quart of glass shards, and extreme swelling of my stomach. You can see now why I wouldn’t get near it. But, the Holy Spirit said…



20 minutes passed. As I waited, I informed my co-workers of what I had done. I declared to them that what I did that day in private I believed that God would bless me in public for. Together, we waited in expectant anticipation. Those 20 minutes turned into 30, which then turned into 45. With the satisfying, sugary residue lingering on my tongue, I experienced none of the negative side effects of the condition I had endured for so many years. Not a single one!


We celebrated together with laughter and excitement. My co-worker asked what we were going to call this. I said, “The chocolate donut miracle,” with a heart full of gratitude and strengthened faith.


To further confirm the miracle, I ate another donut after lunch. Same result! Shortly afterward, my new Bible arrived. I flipped it inadvertently open, and the first page I landed on was 1,144. Without moving my hand—my co-workers as my witnesses—I read the words from Isaiah where my thumb rested. “Wheat, barley, and rye…” I kid you not! I had one of the ladies read it as well, and we all laughed and thanked God.


You know what’s even better? Someone reading this is going to be healed, too. The Lord said for us to share about what He does, and He will do it again. Well, here it is folks: “The Chocolate Donut Miracle.” I’ve eaten full-on gluten every day since then with confidence that He has healed me. My word said miracle after miracle. Catch yours, step into it, and share it back again.


Also, we haven’t received a single treat at our office since that day. The week before, we were given cakes and brownies and all manner of gluten that I couldn’t eat, all in sets of 3. Then, the week of the miracle, God upped the ante.


Be blessed. Step into your Jordan. Be encouraged. Grab your miracle. It is alive!

by April Saul

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